About Beckler's Botanical Bounty

What is Beckler's Botanical Bounty? Can I get involved?

We are a group of botanical artists who are celebrating the work of Dr. Hermann Beckler, the botanical collector who was a Member of the Victorian Exploring Expedition on its famous journey across the continent more than 150 years ago.

We are collecting and painting some of the same plants as Beckler did in September - October 1860. As botanical artists we aim to revive interest in his collection and contribute comparative material valuable for research in the plant sciences.

In the Menindee area, approximately 120 plant species have been identified to document and illustrate. Species are collected for the National Herbarium of Victoria and the New South Wales Herbarium. The paintings, with their accompanying pressed specimens, are planned for exhibition.

Our aim is to encourage plant documentation and collection, to inspire interest and educate new groups into the culture and value of herbaria and to develop a rich data resource for further scientific study.

All artists arrange and pay for their own travel and accommodation and contribute to the hire of the Menindee Community Hall. Car pooling and shared accommodation are encouraged.

The project enjoys the participation of an Honorary Botanist who will assist with identifying specimens. We welcome additional expertise in this and associated areas, as well as the loan of relevant books with plant identification information and relevant historical information.

Further information: Project Leader -- Mali Moir

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