Monday 16 February 2015

Evelyn Brandt's painting in the Exhibition

Last year we ran a series of interviews with artists involved with the Beckler's Botanical Bounty Project. We hung many of those  paintings in our Exhibition in Menindee last year. Over the next few weeks we would like to show you blog posts of some of the finished works on display.

Evelyn Brandt loves the tiny detail of plants. Her microscopic drawings show us why botanic art straddles the artistic and scientific worlds and has such an important place in botany. Each magnified element of the reproductive parts helps to identify the plant while creating a wonderful work of art.

The full interview with Evelyn is here, but as a reminder, this is what she said about why microscopic work is so important:
At the moment I am really interested in microscopic work. I want to understand the important botanic characteristics that define the species. The key characteristic for this one, Chenopodium cristatum, is the perianth. This is part of the flower. There are 5 perianth segments that encapsulate the seed, which you can only see under the microscope. It is the characteristics of the perianth that define it and differentiate it from the other chenopodium species.
In the full interviewEvelyn details how she has developed her own process for doing such fine, detailed botanic art work.

Evelyn's work in progress

The painting of Chenopodium cristatum is not the only one Evelyn has been painting. In the Exhibition she had four works and each one showed her beautiful, detailed work.

L to R: Tetragonia moorei, Chenopodium cristatum (Art work copyright: Evelyn Brandt)
L to R: Centipedia cunninghamii; Casuarina pauper (Art work copyright: Evelyn Brandt)
And Evelyn's work hanging in the Exhibition
Hanging together (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2014)

Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2014


  1. Congratulations. You have worked so hard and have a great result.

    1. Thank you. You are right, it is persistent work, but so enjoyable!

  2. Glad to see this salon at gallery. The food and drinks look quite good. I want to attend an art exhibition that will be held at one of event space NYC and got to know from Have heard that many famous artists will be coming there to show their art work. Will visit there for sure.


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