Wednesday 10 January 2018

Exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ballarat

Preparations are well underway for our exhibition.
Beckler's Botanical Bounty Exhibition
25th February to 27th May 2018
at the Art Gallery of Ballarat
40 paintings, by 24 artists,  have been selected. These paintings are stunning representations of the plants of the Menindee area. All have been painted with scientific accuracy and many have microscopic dissections of seeds and reproductive parts of the plant.
With us in Menindee have been other artists, including a film artist, and their work will be on display too.
​So a total of 27 artists!

You can watch a slide show of photos which explains and documents the project. We also hope that it will give you a glimpse into our favourite arid inland area, and understand what it is that draws us back each year.

There are cabinets of objects that will allow you to dive deeper into our four themes ~ Art, Country, History and Science. For example you will be able to see the actual painting tools used to create one of the art works. Alongside these are the sketchbooks, colour charts and working drawings, showing the preliminary work before paint gets put onto the good paper. Personally I love little peeks 'behind the scenes', to see how art works are created.

And there will be a catalogue for you to buy, to take away and read at your leisure.

So lots to see. The Gallery is a short walk from the Ballarat station and the town has plenty of other things to offer. Gather some friends and have a  perfect day's outing!

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